To get nice and comfort living is one of main Pilars of every financial plan.

To make right decision about your own living, is more than reasonable to do complex analysis of your actual life situation and mosts importantly to think about what may stand before me and my family in future years.

Do you plan to expand your family? Are there likely any higher expanses in few next years? Is it possible to be part of some hardnesses in the future?

These and many more questions are good to try to answer to yourself before buying your dreamed new house or flat.

It is possible to say that estates can be bought by two basic ways:

  • Estate bought in cash money
  • Estate bought with usage of some kind of loan

It is possible to buy flat from two main reasons:

  • Estate for your own living
  • Estate primarily assigned as an investment

All up mentioned cases are combinable between each other and all final solutions needs slightly different approach and solution.

You can turn on me either way if you need to prepare detailed analysis of investment property and its potencial lucrativeness, or if you just need optimal loan for you own living house or flat. Or you can contact me even if you are not buying anything right now so we can prepare financial plan, which will allow you to buy your first estate as soon as possible.