Wealth protection

  • Inflation, economic and financial crises, taxes, and other known unknown threats can damage your wealth over the long term.

  • As an experienced professional wealth manager and financial planner using time-tested, proven wealth management tools, I will protect and help to grow your wealth year after year.

  • I work closely with each client to create and closely monitor a financial and wealth management plan that ensures long term results and helps the client to reach his or her goals.

  • If you want to enjoy your life and grow your wealth over the long run, then I can help you.

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The core of every financial plan.

  • I will develop a plan to protect you and your family against the negative effects of unexpected situations such as:
  • Medical emergencies
  • Bad economic situations
  • Natural disasters
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It's good to have a place to live.

  • I will help you to buy or build your dream home.
  • I will make sure you receive the best-possible mortgage terms.
  • I will help calculate cashflow of your future investment and ensure any expanses connected with your investment loan are as small as possible.
  • I can help you create the sales contract when selling your property.
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There is no shame in not knowing; the shame lies in not finding out.

  • I create and teach education courses focused on financial literacy.
  • I am experienced with educating adults and children.
  • I will create education courses for your company.
  • My seminars are interactive and playful. I let students 'live' through 30 years of normal family life.
  • Add value to your company by offering quality financial education opportunities.
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With big property you can save big money.

  • I will optimize financial tools used in your owner's association or cooperative.
  • It's possible to save tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of Czech Crowns yearly with the right approach to loans and insurance.
  • This saved money can be used to improve your life. It's better to spend your money on your community than give it to banks and insurance companies.
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Don't pay the government more than you need.

  • Are you an employee or have a small trade and aren't sure about income tax declaration formulas?
  • Are you a businessman or owner of a company and can't handle complicated accounting?
  • Have you just bought a property and don't know how to deal with real estate transfer taxes?
  • I will help you with all of these tax situations, providing you with complete peace of mind
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