Inflation, economic and financial crises, taxes, and other known unknown threats can damage your wealth over the long term.

As an experienced professional wealth manager and financial planner using time-tested, proven wealth management tools, I will protect and help to grow your wealth year after year.

I work closely with each client to create and closely monitor a financial and wealth management plan that ensures long term results and helps the client to reach his or her goals.

If you want to enjoy your life and grow your wealth over the long run, then I can help you.

1st step: Collecting Client Information: To prepare a quality plan, it's necessary to get quality entry data. Collecting this information can be done over the phone or ideally, in person.

2nd step: Setting Up Financial Goals: If a runner doesn't know where he's heading, it's difficult for him to maintain the tempo. The purpose of a financial plan is to fulfill your goals, whether that's a dignified retirement, protected income, money for your child's education, or a dream vacation. I will help you define these goals.

3rd step: Analysis of Your Present Financial Situation: We will find out how your present cashflow looks. We will also go through any current investments or other contracts you use in financial markets. Based on this analysis, I can tell you how likely it is to achieve your goals without any changes and how you can push the probability of achieving your goals even higher.

Your time investment for the first 3 parts: approximately 45 minutes

4th step. Creation and Presentation of Your Financial Plan: I will create your financial plan based on the information collected in our first session. The goal of this plan is to maximize the chances of achieving your financial goals. This plan will be explained to you in the second session.

Your time investment: approximately 30 minutes

5th step: Following Your Financial Plan and Moving Toward Your Goals: Thanks to my cooperation with the financial services company, Broker Trust a.s., I have access to a wide spectrum of powerful financial tools. It can be said that I have the tools needed to help fulfill your financial plan so you can reach your goals faster.

Your time investment (based on plan complexity): 30 to 120 minutes

6th step: Watching Over Your Financial Plan and Staying on Track: A plan can't be a static thing. Situations can change and even society as a whole is in constant flux. Based on these truths, it's important to revisit your financial plan from time to time and make any necessary changes so can still reach your goals no matter what happens. Service meetings to ensure you're still on the right track can be done in person or over the phone.

Your time investment: approximately 30 minutes yearly